How to Enable App Privacy Report on Your iPhone to Check Apps Tracking You?

How to Enable App Privacy Report on Your iPhone to Check Apps Tracking You?

Privacy Concerns:

As we all know, privacy is the most crucial thing for human beings, and not having the feature of protecting your privacy is more than worst.

Mobile apps can easily have access to our pictures and contacts. Hence, other data sources and sensors such as a microphone, cameras, and websites you visit can destroy your privacy.

  • WhatsApp Taking Permission:

WhatsApp always does that after taking permission from users. Users should make decisions about which software there should use that doesn’t give access to your camera, GPS location, and microphone.

  • Damage Your Privacy:

You may find someday that any app targets your data to a third party without any genuine reason. Then you will revoke app permission entirely. Hence, no one wants to share details about their life, not their photos and contacts. 

It may sound normal thing. But it’s not. If you don’t care about your privacy, you should do a little. There’s nothing more important than your privacy regarding your photos and contacts. 

Enable App Privacy in iPhone:

Most of the devices don’t have the feature to enable app privacy. Also, Apple users don’t have that feature to allow app privacy reports on their iPhones, so they couldn’t check apps tracking them. But in 2021, Apple has added a new feature for robust privacy for their users. This feature will help users keep their eyes on the apps tracking them.

 Earlier, this feature wasn’t available on iPhone. Later they included it in iOS 15.2 in a new update after seeing people’s concern towards their privacy. 

When Don’t You Allow Your Device To Track?

Instead of the IDFA, the ATT features return a string of zero. It happens when you don’t allow any app to access your iPhone activities by other websites or companies. It means that in iPhone, the app developer cannot track iPhone activities. So they don’t have access to track your iPhone down.

There are other ways to track down your iPhone, so the IDFA is the only thing that Apple can control. As fingerprinting are banned, it’s the apple rule that app developers are not allowed to track iPhone in any way. But it’s an indication that there are so many other ways to track iPhones activities now in this modern era. 

So at this point, it’s not a bad idea to use any track blocking app that can secure your iPhone privacy and don’t let any app track down your iPhone activities. 

When Do You Allow Apps To Track Your Privacy?

When you allow applications to track your privacy, the app starts to track all your activities via the help of the iPhone sensors. Mainly Facebook can track you along with websites and other apps. It helps Facebook to be successful in their PR campaigns. 

Way to stop apps from asking to track altogether:

If you don’t want any app to track your iPhone activities, you can turn it off tracking from setting. It’s straightforward. Go to privacy via location and of the tracking and toggle off. Once you do it, then later, no single app will ask for a request to track your iPhone.

Also, you can manage to allow which app can track and which app can’t. Additionally, you can turn the settings off whenever you want. 

Why tracking app transparency significant?

ATT is the new feature of apple that affects social networks badly. Especially it annoys Facebook to the next level. Measure ad campaigns have been badly affected by this new feature of Apple; that’s why ATT has to gain lots of popularity among people who are using an Apple device as it’s the most helpful and significant feature of Apple when it comes to apple’s privacy. It might change in future for the better. Facebook isn’t that happy with this feature ATT that stands for App tracking transparency. 

How Facebook affect by app tracking transparency:

This new feature of Apple is good news for Apple users as now they don’t have to worry about their privacy. Earlier, the photos and contacts of apple users may not be safe. Different apps on their phones were tracking their activities. But after this new feature of the iPhone, everything has been changing. 

However, it comes as good news for iPhone users; at the same time, it’s not out suitable for some apps, especially for Facebook.

When you allow Facebook to track down your activities, it helps them upgrade their ads campaigns. Once you don’t allow Facebook to track your iPhone, it doesn’t go in facebooks favour.

How to check iPhone tracking reports?

  • Open settings and run iOS 15.2 on your iPhone devices.
  • Scroll down and choose privacy.
  • Tap on the app privacy report after scrolling to the bottom.
  • Then touch on turn on the app privacy report.
  • The initial account will show in a while after taking some time.

The success of app tracking transparency:

Most people prefer to use this app because they don’t want any app to track their activities via their applications. Hence, after the feature ATT came, it spread rapidly, and users of Apple started using this feature so that they could get rid of tracking and interference in their privacy. Now Over a million people know How To Enable App Privacy Report On Your Iphone To Check App Tracking You.


Recently Apple has launched a d its new feature named ATT. Users of Apple can use this feature to check reports of the app that are tracking them. 

Apple has already opted not to allow apps to track iPhone activities, but still, some other applications get used to monitoring users personal stuff, such as photos and contacts. 

Most people prefer to use this app because they don’t want any app to track their activities via their applications. We have guided above in detail on How You Can Check Reports Of Whats App Tracking You.

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