Bulu Monster Mod Apk Latest Version 2022, Unlimited Bulu Points, No ads

App description:

This game got its name when developed in 2013, but makers keep changing this game to make it more attractive and adventurous. In this game, gamers have to fight with the dangerous monsters and defeat them if they want to be the best trainer of the monsters. Millions of gamers have downloaded this monster fighting game, and it’s still spread its magic even after years. In Bulu Monster Mod Apk, you can show your fighting skills.


People of any age like to play fighting games where they have to fight with monsters and love to defeat them to feel powerful and skilled gamers. If you check this game on Google Play, you will see five stars in the reviews section as this game has gained lots of love from people. People liked the idea of killing the monster and then becoming the trainer of monsters. That’s how they feel powerful and bossy.

What’s new?

Over the passing years, the developers keep making changes to this game and always bring something new along with a new version. So it’s always getting attention from people because of the new stuff, and also it convinces people to keep the new version on their devices so that they can experience what came up new in the game this time.

App requirement:

Like every other app, this game also has some requirements that are not so difficult to fulfill. This game app takes around 4.4 in android devices because the size of this game app is 80M.

Mod features of this game:

  • Unlimited Coins And Money:

After entering the game, surprisingly, you will receive unlimited money to shop exciting stuff in the game. According to the claim, the makers don’t charge you, so that’s why they will provide you unlimited access to money and coins so that you don’t have to invest your money.

  • Unlocked levels:

All the levels in this game get unlocked from the start of the game like GTA 5 Mod Apk.  You won’t have to spend extraordinary effort to unlock levels. You will get all the levels even without any hurdles.

  • No Ads:

No one is going to take your attention while playing the game. Not even the unnecessary ads that always come in between any app and break the game’s rhythms. So feel free to enjoy the game without getting worried about any ads.

  • Unlocked And Unlimited Access To Everything:

In this game, whatever you are getting, such as unlimited access to money coins or any other features. Everything is unlimited and unlocked in this game. So enjoy the fullest and spend the fullest.

  • Free To Play:

This game is completely free to play for all gamers. You can avail all the fun free of cost. They won’t ask you to pay anything at any point in this game.

Other Features Of This Game:

  • Become a monster trainer:

If you keep fighting with monsters and defeating them by killing them, you can become a monster’s trainer because of their power and fighting skills.

  • 14 fantasy map:

You will gr around 14 different maps full of fantasy and adventure. But you won’t get it at the start. It would help if you had to discover it, and that’s the main plot of this game. That’s how the game becomes adventurous and full of fantasy.

  • Complete the challenge and get rewarded:

They will give you several tasks and challenges, and you will have to complete all these tasks if you want to get rewarded, and all these rewards will help you do better in the game.

  • Monsters criteria:

You will experience training monsters over 150 types of different monsters. Monsters have beautiful designs as they all look like monsters due to the sharpness of their appearance and body features. Even most gamers believe that these game monsters as better designed than Pokemon.

App Version History:

The current version of this game is 8.0.2. It takes around 4.4 on android devices, and the size of this game is 80M.


Gameplay is simple. You will have to fight with monsters, and you will have to defeat them as you will become powerful, and you will become the trainer of these monsters that are around 150 in quantity. You will also get access to unlimited everything. Bulu Monster Mod Apk is better than other monster games.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do we get maps in this game?

You will have to discover maps in this game to play it with good tactics.

  1. How many coins will we get?

You will get unlimited access to everything, such as coins and money.

  1. What is the current version of this game?

The newest version of this game is 8.2.1.

  1. Is this game the same as Pokemon?

No, this game is far better and more advanced than Pokemon.


Bulu Monster Mod Apk is the ultimate exciting game with lots of amazing features and is worth playing the game. Especially the current version of this game is super exciting.

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