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There are no restrictions on how the content appears on APK DUDES. It is either contributed to APK DUDES by email or available in a variety of places on the Internet. Our reserve the rights to post contains images and videos of various apps and games that are governed by U.S. law. In the U.S. Code, Title 17, you find the Copyright Fair Use Act (Copyright Fair Use Act).

Please follow the instructions listed in the following section if you want the copyrighted material removed from APK DUDES. Also, from any search engine that returns links to your copyrighted material.

It is your responsibility to keep in mind that if you misrepresent any information included on our site that violates your copyrights, you will be liable for damages. In that case, we recommend you seek legal assistance.

APK DUDES complies with contravention notices and takes suitable action as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act DMCA and other applicable intellectual property laws. According to 17 U.S.C. 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act acronym for DMCA.

  1. Provide proof that the alleged contravention is being carried out by any authorized person related to your content.
  2. Please provide us complete information so that we may contact you. A valid email address is an essential element that must also be included.
  3. If the work has been trespassed on, please provide adequate details, including at least one search term that appears in APK DUDES search results for your work.
  4. It must adequately indicate that the complaining party is the owner of that copyright material. Also, there is a proper indication that the material being published is prohibited by the law. And it does not authorize the use of it.
  5. Within notification, other complaining parties should clearly state that the information presented in the notification is accurate. And the authority to act on behalf of the purportedly trespassing party under penalty.
  6. It must be duly signed by the authorized representative of the party.
  7. Report any sort of infringement, and you may feel free to contact us at: [email protected]
  8. In the end, the email response may take up to a couple of days in a manner to reach you. We ask you to take into consideration this fact as well. And emailing our ISP or any other party related directly or indirectly to us is not going to expedite your request. Further, this might end up delaying the overall process for a proper response.

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