Drag Racing MOD APK Latest 2022 (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Drag racing games have been quite famous for decades. Lots of rounds made on drag racing, and drag racing mod apk is the hacked modded version of one of those drag games. Real drag racing started back in 1940. Later in 1951, it became the ideal place for sports, and people began to become addicted to these sports.

After that it becomes enormous. The Drag Racer Franchise released a series of drag games amazingly developed by Designer Adam Tefler who belongs to Waterloo, Ontario. Shockingly he started designing such fun at the age of 14. He first released a drag racing game back in 2003. 

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Drag Racing MOD APK

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Later, he partnered with XMG Studio and released games ported to iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone). They released drag racing games with times like back in 2003, 2009, 2010, and then in 2012. XMG Studio Phantom Games published this incredible game.

About Drag racing mod apk:

The success of drag racing games was massive, but still, many things were missing in the game, so the makers came up with the drag racing games for android version, and that’s the hacked mode version of the actual drag racing game. The hack version got released quite recently, and now even the drag racing games are free for the gaming community.

This version is one of the best racing games you’ve ever played. Over a million times, it’s gotten downloaded, and it’s not stopping. It’s mainly for those who love street racing. Also, the gameplay is challenging, and players have to go through the competitions and tasks. As the gaming community likes to play demanding games.

Drag Racing MOD APK

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What’s new?

Right after the release of the original version of drag racing, it caught the gaming community’s attention for both positive and negative reasons. On the one hand, it had addictive gameplay and features, but on the other hand, it had some issues like errors, viruses, and bugs. Also, some of the great features were missing as well.

Then drag racing streets mod apk was released, and it came like a whole package, where nothing was missing. Many new features got introduced in this hacked version, and many games turned to this hacked version. Also, they improved the quality of hacked versions with every update. They keep adding new features with every new version’s update.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited money, gold:

Money has become the main object of any game, especially where players have to make purchases to play games with features. So, delete drag racing mod apk old version and drag racing mod apk hack download on your devices. So, you can avail these unlimited offers and enjoy.

Additionally, players can shop whatever they want from the game’s shop. There’s no limit, so money and gold will never end. No matter how much you spend. You can go for unlimited shopping with this given money. So if you want unlimited money, delete drag racing apk old version and download the drag racing mod apk 2022 version, this hacked version then.

  • Dozens of cars:

You’ll get dozens of cars in drag racing mod apk rp. Players have to choose any vehicle and jump onto the streets. Also, the vehicles will give you the highest speed. It’s up to you how you achieve the highest rate. All the vehicles are unlocked already in drag racing apk. So, you don’t have to open them in return for the money.

So, they provide you the complete excess to all the cars and being the main character you can choose any vehicle from all. Also, the vehicles you couldn’t drive in real life, you can do it in the game to satisfy your inner desire.

  • Graphics:

No matter how good the storyline is, how good the gameplay is. If graphics are not good enough to impress gamers, it’s of no use. But the pictures of this hack version are beyond your expectations, and it’ll shock you for a while. Players can enjoy all the beautiful scenes they can get to see the little details of their cars.

Drag racing mod apk Malaysia fandom is also massive, and graphics are the main reason. Old drag racing game was nothing in front of these newly launched versions.

  • Sounds:

Experience the most powerful sound and realistic sound in the game. Also, sounds matter a lot in any competition as it gives the vibe of the real world. So, the sound of it is loud and clear. Players can hear the sounds of cheering crowds, engine growls, and everything that sounds in real life. It’ll say the same in-game.

Additionally, the sound of cars gets recorded from actual vehicles. So, you’ll get to enjoy the natural sound of each car, and it’ll make you feel like you’re driving a real car on actual streets.

  • Unlimited everything:

All the players want to get everything unlimited. That’s why drag racing mod unlimited everything v1 69 apk will provide gamers everything from money to gold, gold to cars, cars to prices indefinitely without charging a single penny from them. 

Meanwhile, if you go for another version, you won’t get everything unlimited, and if you want everything complete, you’ll have to pay a handsome amount of real cash. Otherwise, you won’t get anything eternal.

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Drag Racing MOD APK

Other features:

Multiple modes:

Modes are the beauty of the game. It gets primarily designed for those who quickly get bored with the same gameplay. So, if the match has a mode, players can switch to another mode if they get bored with the same gameplay. Drag game motor games free download and enjoy multiple ways such as:

 Pro leagues: 

If you want to compete with others, it’s the perfect mode to go. In this mode, you will have competition with the other 10 players. You’ll have to defeat them all. You can go to the highest speed of your vehicle to win and win valuable prizes that will help you grow more in the game.


In career mode, you’ll have to experience rides with the most skilled racers, who are very good at racing. So, if you think that you can compete with the brilliant racers in racing, then go for this mode. Also, you can go first for usual rides, and once you become a skilled racer, you can go for this mode.

 Quick race: 

This is the perfect mode for those who don’t like long racing challenges. You can have short races with the most amazing racers in this mode. You will have to go for short tracks like 1/4 or 1/2. Additionally, if you win the race, you can earn a handsome amount of cash.

Play with other online racers:

If you’re looking for a multiplayer racing game, then nitro nation drag racing apk download and enjoy competition with the other players of this hack version. Also, you can go from the short races to the races with the most skilled racers in the world.

You can challenge them, and that’s how you can learn from them. You can polish your racing skills by watching and observing their playing way while competing with them. So, it’s not just a chance to enjoy but also to learn.


Players will start a game like it’s the start of their racing career. Then players will have to choose their first car for their very first race. Slowly players will start understanding the game, and as they’ll explore, they can learn about the multiple modes of the play. 

After a while, they can compete with other players from all around the world and get exciting prizes and rewards by winning. 

Download guide:

  1. Touch on the download link of this version.
  2. Android doesn’t allow downloading of third-party applications. So, go to the setting> security and enable “unknown sources.”
  3. After downloading, you’ll have to install the Apk file.
  4. After installation is complete, you can start enjoying the incredible gameplay of drag racing games.


  • What is the latest version of the game?

2.0.53 is the latest version of the game.

  • How much space does this drag game require?

It requires 4.1 in the device. The size of this game file is around 58MB. 

  • How is this hacked version better than the original one?

It provides more than the original one. Also, it provides the complete game from downloading to features. Everything is free of cost and unlocked.

  • How many modes do we have?

You’ll have multiple modes. All the methods offer different gameplay.


After all the above aspects, enjoy the never-ending street racing experience with multiple modes and maps in drag racing mod apk. Experience the challenging rides with short races to challenge other players. Also, shop unlimited from the shop.

Pick any car to take an excellent racing ride and give yourself the joy of the experiences and challenges.

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