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Hooked Inc mod apk is a perfect simulation game on android. It offers unlimited features such as Gems, Ads Free, Unlocked All, Free Shopping, Unlimited money. This game is user-friendly.
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Hooked Inc mod apk is a Fisher Tycoon game that comes with unlimited money. A comprehensive system of development is included in the Game Hooked Inc mod apk. An arcade game is made even better by stylish and minimalistic graphics, coupled with gameplay that is the perfect match for the performance. In Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon, your boat can be upgraded or purchased, more gear and equipment can be hired, and extra crew provides additional security.

Introduction to Hooked Inc Mod Apk

Throughout the world, millions of people fish for pleasure, livelihood, or business. Fishing isn’t for those who are without patience. However, a game will keep you occupied while waiting for your next fishing trip if you love fishing. Hooked Inc mod apk is a popular fishing counterfeit game for all ages. This one’s a much more straightforward game in its approach, unlike other games with fish in them. It is very simple to play.

This Hooked Unlimited Hoots Apk is simple. You touch the fishes surrounding your boat, and they will come to the boat. You will receive money, experience, and some points according to the value of the fish every time you catch a fish. Rarer fish will fetch more rewards, go ahead and try to catch them. This goes without saying.

Feature of Hooked Inc Mod Apk

Unlimited Upgrades

In the real-life, you’re equipped with a small boat, bait, a rope, and a fishing rod. To start a fishing business, this is all you need. And in this game, you have the opportunity to upgrade your boat to accommodate more fish. To make fisher easier for you, you can also upgrade other tools. Aside from that, even if you’re offline, you can create a fishing empire. If you hire an in-game employee that will keep fishing for you, this is also possible. To increase their fishing rates, you can also upgrade them.

3D Graphics

Hooked Inc mod apk also has simplistic graphics that will leave you relaxed just like Manor Cafe Mod Apk. Everything is designed perfectly, and you will be able to live the life of a fisherman In this Hooked Inc Crew Members game. These fish are also designed perfectly, and the boats too.  It is very easy to become addicted to a game just by playing it once. In other words, it has good graphics. With the backgrounds and characters, the game’s graphics match very well. The basic 3D pixel format makes the game run more smoothly on even lie-low devices.


In Hooked Inc mod apk, the controls are easy. You tap the fishes, you will. Furthermore, they will automatically get into your boat. You need to spare some time. You will go crazy with this Hooked Inc Glitch. As we know, this is a simulation game, how to be a fishing tycoon it merely shows you. The gameplay is relaxing and simple. There in the game, don’t do crazy and dangerous things.

Multiplayer gaming

Hooked Inc mod apk offers a multiplayer gaming feature. And with this, you can take part in various fishing tournaments to prove your worth and skills. To compete with the best fishers in the world online, this game allows you. Then just fishing by yourself makes the game so much more interesting.  Also, while playing this In Hooked Inc mod apk, this is not a perfect game for newbies until they have some training. So we have to spend some time briefing through the following tricks and tips.

Unlimited Gems

In hooked inc mod apk, the pot gets one gem whenever you spin without hitting the jackpot. You also need to earn more gold chests by spinning the wheel. You can watch ads to have more spins, whereas you only have a free spin each day. Keep watching video ads, spin the wheel and accumulate as many gems as you want. Of course, you can download Hooked Inc Fisher MOD APK free from the internet and receive unlimited gems and money. You can use employ or upgrade crew members With the help of gems.

Unlimited fish

The Crew members automatically fish when you are away in Hooked Inc mod apk that are the best. It is often cheaper to upgrade your crew members, but you need to hire to advance further. To strike a balance between upgrading and hiring, you have to improve your earnings quickly.

Hooked Premium Apk

In gameplay, you will be playing as a Fisherman. You will have many things to do, such as upgrading the boat, collecting items, exploring all the locations, unlocking crews to participate in the tournaments, and upgrading gears.  Crews are your assistant’s guide to catch the fishes and provide buffs in Hooked inc mod apk.

In the game, all the crews’ features have different abilities. You get the benefit depending on their abilities. In addition to catching fish when you are offline, Rodrick also increases the fishing rate for you.  In the hooked inc mod apk, you will see a seagull or multiple seagulls on the screen.

Unlimited money

The Crew Unlimited Money is a fisherman tycoon to catch sea life. This is not an exceptionally diverse game yet offers a lot of interesting discovery opportunities. Furthermore, this game comes with unlimited modded features of money. This is the single most important aspect among the modded features of the game.

Besides, now you have the ultimate control of the Hooked Inc Game while you have an unlimited amount of money in your wallet. With this, you can purchase anything and everything during the gameplay.

Hooked Inc Rare Fish

Players are encouraged to tap on the screen, catch fish, convert the catch into money, then unlock new equipment.  Winning will become more difficult as the stakes rise over time. The championships of the game require greater focus and planning, and every action must be well-planned.

Gameplay for this Hooked Inc Mod Apk

Keep in mind that many new types of fish will be available in Hooked Inc mod apk. These fish fall into three categories as you go deeper into the water. The names of these fishes are Common, Rare, and Epic. When for the first time you catch a new kind of fish. In award, you will receive a Start that affects the money you earn by swiping more fish.

Moreover, you will have a higher value after each new fish is captured in a new area than those in the previous location. When you swipe over schools of fish, you can get a great deal of money. They often swim in the same direction. Best Way to keep looking for groups of fish, and when you detect any, swipe in a circular motion quickly to catch them. The more money you will get when the higher the fish value is. Ensure you have leveled up necessary upgrades to raise the earning per fish.


  1. Can I Catch the Big Fish?

In Hooked Inc mod apk, you swipe the fish to reduce its health and capture them.  Further, you cannot catch the Epic fish if you have a low-quality boat and fishing equipment. But during the gameplay Hooked Inc Seagulls, it sounds challenging if you can upgrade the ship, equipment, and crews to make further progress.

  1. What Is the easiest Way To get Gems?

In Hooked Inc mod apk, there are many ways for you to get the gems. For example, you can finish the required goal or participate in the Hooked Inc mod apk you can receive gems as rewards. Also, watching video ads brings you some gems by logging in to your account every day. Finally, receive unlimited gems and money for free by downloading Hooked Inc APK’s latest version.

  1. What is a sword whale?

This kind of rare fish only dedicated people can have a chance to see. When fish is being captured, it will grant you two stars.

  1. How to get more crew members?

A bonus and gems can be obtained for hiring and upgrading crew members in hooked inc mod apk.


Hooked Inc mod apk is an addictive fishing arcade.  Elements of a clicker are used to build your fishing team and try to get a record catch. The designs of boats and gear and the sound effects show that this fishing game stands out with the simple fishing gameplay.

Hooked Inc Mod Apk is an interesting game, and you should give it a try. Also, you can play this game together and make sure that you invite your friends.

What's new

- Thrifty Thursday is here (...well, on Thursdays)!
- Fish Bowl has been added
- New Fish has been added
- New Crew has been added

- Bug fixes



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