Toca Life World MOD APK Latest Version 2022, Unlocked Content

App Description:

The game is full of educational and learning stuff. Children can learn a lot of new things through it. They can learn such as playing with friends, making friends, feeding the animals, and many more things. It has new maps and characters that will entertain you beyond fun. It has to get downloaded around 10 million. These popular kid games are very famous currently as Toca Life World Mod Apk has liked almost every parent who wants their kids to learn something good.


Kids can create stories in Toca Life World Mod Apk as they can create reports to create any account they want. Kids can go to the parks and start playing with their friends. In this era, even children have a smartphone. Parents better check up on kids that they are playing. So being a parent, you can suggest it to your kids. It will entertain them and won’t let them get bored in any way. Additionally, they can learn a lot of stuff too.

What’s new?

In the new version, they have added many new attractive features. Item encyclopedia, map analysis, support cloud archive is the main addition to the latest version. The new version can attract people of every age, not only kids.

App Requirement:

Toca app requires around 5.0 in android devices as the size of this file is 449M. It’s necessary to have this involve the space size in the android device. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep this app on the phone.

Mod Features Of This Game:

  • Graphics:

It has got very well-designed 2D graphics. Tones are bright and clear. Also, all the characters have lovely expressions and appearances. Additionally, the features of all characters are sharp and clear. The use has made the incredible creation of meticulous graphics.

  • Unlocked Content:

A lot more they will provide you with it. So much content you will get to see in-game. Fortunately, All the content is unlocked like Sandbox Mod Apk, so you can choose anything to play and any story to create.

  • Free Of Cost:

The game will ask you to pay on so many points. If you don’t want to pay and want to play it free of cost, this hack version is for people like you, who don’t like to spend on games. You can have all the fun free of charge that the basic understanding provides in exchange for a handsome amount.

  • Unlimited Projects To Perform And Play:

Kids will have various projects to perform and play. They will have complete freedom of action. Also, they can choose any task to play and to act. They won’t get bored as each project are something different to perform. Each project has something different to teach.

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Other Features Of This Game:

  • Increase Awareness:

Kids can learn through performing activities in toca life. That’s how you can increase awareness through the game. If you let your kids play this game, you won’t have to take them to parks or supermarkets. They can learn all of these things through the games. They can become aware of lots of stuff for real life that’s is not suitable for kids. Kids can go to the parks and start playing with their friends in this game.

  • Change Characters Appearance:

Kids are also allowed to have diverse characters. They can choose any of the faces from the given beginning. Additionally, by completing levels, you can achieve rewards too.

  • Desegregated Version:

It includes the series of the hospital, life vacation, life neighborhood. You will get all of this on one platform. You won’t have to go for different games for different purposes as you are getting all fun in one place. Item encyclopedia, map analysis, support cloud archive is the main addition to the latest version. The new version can attract people of every age, not only kids.

  • Explore Places:

Where else your kid wants to go? Shopping malls? Hospitals, schools. Kids can explore these. They will get to see the everyday life over there. The way it works in real life. In the same way, these places will get associated with daily life. 

  • Owning Business:

Kids can do business too in it. Such as they can own any company they want. They can hold a bakery, any food shop, finish building works. That’s the way they can learn a bit about business too.

App Version History:

The current version of Toca life is 1.39.1. You will find this version the most splendid among all as several versions of the game, including the original one.


This recreation is the best game for 3 to 12 years kids. It will help them grow wisely while learning things in a new manner. Without any rules, they can discover new places and new things. Kids can create their stories with any of their favorite characters. Also, they can go places such as shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. That’s the way they can learn a bit about business too. The same vibes they will get like in real life. Toca Life World Mod Apk is nothing less heaven for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the current version of Toca life?

1.39.1 is the current version of toca life.

  • At what age people can play this game?

Although this game has specially made for kids aged 3 to 12, people of any age can play this game.

  • Are there any rules to create a story accordingly?

No, no rules to follow. Create what you want to.

  • Can we play this as a salesman?

Yes, why not? You can perform as a salesman. You can sell drinks, food, everything.


Keep Toca Life World Mod Apk in your kid’s phones. It will keep them busy doing good instead of playing unworthy games. It will help them to grow with knowledge and good manners. They will learn the difference between good and evil.

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