YouTube Vanced Mod Apk Latest Version 2022, Premium Unlock


People used to watch everything on Youtube. Such as dramas, movies, comics, tutorial videos, food recipes, and more. Makers bring youtube vanced mod apk so that users can do more than they can’t do in the original one. Youtube was registered on February 14, 2005. 

Also, it got registered by three former employees of an American-e-commerce company named Jawed Karim, Steven Chen, and Chad Hurley. Its main headquarters of it is in California. People can share their stuff on YouTube, and that’s how they can earn as well.

About Youtube Vanced Mod Apk:

Although youtube is the most brilliant application still, there are so many things that users can’t do. Hence, it’s a reason to bring the youtube vanced mod apk latest version. Additionally, if you’ve used Youtube, you know that you will have to watch ads while watching any other stuff.  Also, you can’t block these ads. 

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There are many other minor things that you’ll be able to do. That’s why people are using this version because they can keep this version on their devices without deleting the original one.

What’s New?

As you know, the hack version has a lot of new things that you’ll get to experience the very first time. Also, has no such issues as errors or viruses. In addition, new features are currently trending.

Users are keen on using these incredible features to do all the stuff that they couldn’t do earlier. The best thing is it doesn’t require users to uninstall the original version.


  • Themes:

You’ll have the audacity to change the theme of YOUTUBE MOD APK. Also, there are various themes available such as Red, Pink, Black, and Dark. If you get bored with the old music, you can change it to another colour.

Additionally, you won’t get this outstanding feature in the youtube advanced mod apk old version.

  • Videos Streaming In The Background:

As you know that in the original version, you’ll have to keep open Youtube application if you don’t want videos to get resumed while watching. But in this version, you won’t have to do this.

You can also use other applications while watching anything on the youtube vanced app.

 Your videos will keep streaming while using another application. Meanwhile, you’ll receive notifications from other applications as well.

  • Block Sponsor:

While watching anything, users always get lots of sponsor videos that somehow strike their minds and interest. So, in the hack version, users can enable and disable this from the application setting.

However, they can enable it from the setting if they want to watch the sponsor videos and disable it when they don’t want to. Watch such stuff. You won’t get such services from Youtube’s actual application. All these features are only available in the mod version.

  • Block Youtube Ads:

Is it necessary for users to watch ads while watching anything on Youtube? Also, they can’t watch further without watching the ads. So, if you want to get rid of all the ads on Youtube, then download youtube vanced.

Get rid of all the irritating unnecessary ads while watching anything on youtube. From now your videos won’t resume due to any ads.

  • Enjoy Music In The Background:

You can enjoy songs on the youtube mod version while using other applications. It means that choose a music video and go to other applications.

Meanwhile, if you do it in another version, your music will stop, and to continue the theme, you’ll have to keep showcasing the application so you won’t be able to use other apps simultaneously.

  • Resolution Changed:

I don’t think it’s a hack version, so you’re not capable of doing all the stuff you do in the original one. Also, it’ll provide the option of resolution. Yeah, could you read it? Right. You’ll be able to change the resolution of any videos while using or watching. However, this is one of the best features of all.

  • Video Auto-Repeat:

Users can also watch their favourite videos on repeat on youtube cancer. It means that they can rewatch videos at any other time. Also, they can replay MV multiple times or replay their favourite playlists.

It’s one of the most desired features of this hack version that’s not available in the original one.

  • Zoom Out & Zoom In:

While watching videos, users can zoom out and zoom in on their videos at any time. That’s how you’ll be able to adjust the speed of playback videos. This hack version is most desirable for current generations.

They want easiness in every app they are using—especially Youtube.

How To Use:

Users can run it the same way they run an actual Youtube app. Also, download youtube advanced then to its settings and set everything from there. Also, enable options you want to keep and disable all those you don’t want to use.

Search anything you want to watch in the search bar, and it’ll show all the results, and you can choose the desired video you want to enjoy.

Download Guide:

  • It doesn’t require deleting the actual version. So, keep both original and hack versions on your device.
  • Download it through the given link or the play store as it’s available on both sides.
  • Enable “unknown sources” to avoid getting yourself into any issues later.
  • After downloading, enjoy whatever you want to enjoy on the youtube hack version.


  • What’s the current version of youtube vanced mod apk microg?

16.49.37 is the newest version of this hack application. Also, it’s the most fantastic version of all.

  • How much Youtube cancer space requires?

It only requires 2.3 or up on your device.

  • How many themes are available in the application?

Four themes are available Red, Dark, Black, and Pink.

  • Can we use other applications while listening to songs on this app?

Yeah, of course, you can. Even that’s the primary purpose of this hack version is to use another app while using this one.


Now you can avail all the features that you always wanted to enjoy through YouTube. But from now you can do it on the youtube vanced mod apk. Also, you’ll find the hack version super cool as well as there are no such restrictions that you won’t like.

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