Download GBWhatsApp Pro v19.00 APK Latest 2022 For Android Devices


Gbwhatsapp was developed for those users who were concerned about their privacy. Also, it has lots of options that actual WhatsApp doesn’t provide.

GBwhatsapp has become a success within no time. Additionally, millions of users of WhatsApp have started using it.

But it’s not entirely free. So the makers bring a modified version. gb whatsapp pro apk download 2022 if you want a modified version of gbwhatsapp.

They put lots of effort into developing this modified version with advanced technology, so it’s got the same popularity that the original version got.

About GBWhatsapp pro apk:

You already know that it’s a mod version of the GBWhatsapp app. In the hack version, you’ll get to avail yourself of many functions and features that are helpful for the users concerned about their privacy. You don’t need to use WhatsApp while you already have this fantastic version.

Although there are many modified versions, gb download pro max is the best version. So, gb whatsapp download and get all the fantastic features and functions. Tension less about your privacy because this app is specifically made for that purpose.

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What’s New?

In gbwhatsapp pro apk, many functions are available that you won’t get in the original version. However, users had some issues while using the performance, but in gb whatsapp plus, you won’t get any errors.

Premium features are also available in this hack version. As there are several modified versions, not every modified version offers all the premium features the same as the original version. But gbwhatsapp 5.90 apk download if you want t avail of the premium features.


  • Change Font Style:

If you gbwhatsapp download 2022, you can also change the font style in this version. Additionally, provide a wide variety of don’t styles. You can choose any of them. Also, each doesn’t style beyond beauty. Ig can attract users of gbwhatsapp easily.

  • Strict Privacy:

Kindly gbwhatsapp 10.20 download and set the strict privacy. Several functional available as privacy. Users can turn off the second checkmark, turn off bluestacks, and turn off the blue microphone. Also, users can hide recording and writing.

You’ll never get such strict privacy in any of the modded versions. Not in the original one. GB whatsapp pro v9.00 download 2022 and enjoy the infinite privacy functions.

  • Send a Message to Anyone:

If users’ gbwhatsapp pro apk download 8.40, they will send messages to everyone. It simply means that WhatsApp only allows users to send messages only in users’ contact lists.

But in gbwhatsapp update, users can send messages to those, not on the user’s contact list. That’s another good function of this modded version.

  • Share a Wide Variety of Media:

In WhatsApp, users as allowed to send 30 pictures at a time. But in Gbwhatsapp modded version, users can send a wide variety of media at a time.

They can send pictures and anything related to media such as pictures, videos, audio recordings, songs, gifs, or anything else. Gb whatsapp download apkpure if you sent a wide variety of media to your friends.

  • Blocked Calls. 

Although you can block three calls at a time in WhatsApp, if you gbwhatsapp pro 8.60 download, you can block 1000 calls.

Now imagine blocking calls three to thousands. That’s a significant number to avail. Hence, it’s time to get rid of unnecessary calls on WhatsApp.

  • Scheduled:

From now you won’t forget any important event or content. You can now schedule many important events on gbwhatsapp such as important messages, broadcasts, reminders, your loved one’s birthdays, and anniversaries.

Your loved ones won’t get offended when you don’t forget their big days.

  • Delete Messages:

You’ve witnessed how people delete messages they sent mistakenly, or sometimes they regret shipping, so they delete.

But now gb whatsapp download and read all the deleted messages that the sender deletes. Now you’re going to a wee every message that has been deleted later.

  • Hide Games:

Play the hide games from now as from now you can read messages, see stories, and still, no one will know that you’re watching them.

You can disable the message recipient, and that’s how your name will stop showing in their story viewers, and also, blue ticks won’t appear on the messages you have read. Play the hide games silently.

How to Use:

It is easy to use. Also, the way you use WhatsApp is the same way you can use it. However, this hack modded version doesn’t require any specific things to do. You already know how to handle settings.

You can set up everything, every function from settings, and it’ll work the way you’ll set it up. Also, people think that it’s challenging to use or handle until they use the gbwhatsapp modded version. Don’t forget to use the remarks of people who have been using this modded version for so long. Fortunately, they have to say something nice regarding this app.

Download Guide:

  • It requires you to delete any other version if you have.
  • Select the download option that you’ll find at the end of the article.
  • If it asks for some permissions, allow it without getting worried because it’s completely safe.
  • Your modded version is ready to serve you.


  • What is the current version of modded gbwhatsapp?

V14.00 is the current version of the modded gbwhatsapp.

  • Do they provide the functionality to tea deleted messages?

Yes, it does. You can read all those messages that the sender deleted after sending.

  • How is this modded version than the original gbwhatsapp version?

Because the mod version has so many great functions that are not available in the original version.

  • How much space does this modded version take?

It takes around 4.5 or upon your iOS and Android devices.


Enjoy the infinite privacy that you have always wanted for so long. Also, get rid of blue ticks to confirm ticks. Gbwhatspp pro apk is specially designed for all WhatsApp users from all around the world.

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