Racing Smash 3D MOD APK Latest Version 2022, Unlimited Money, Gems


Games Union Technology Co, Ltd published the original version of this racing game. Racing smash 3d mod apk is the mode version of the same game. Also, this unique gameplay is waiting for you to experience the most classical gameplay. Also, the game has made a mark among motorcycle racing games, which was why makers brought the hacked version full of mod features. 

Additionally, the game’s realistic graphics make it super cool and unique. However, other motorcycle racing games don’t provide quality pictures and effects. That was another reason for its success. Moreover, makers still brought a hacked version to offer more to the gaming community. Makes fill all the space through this hacked version they found in the original one.

Racing Smash 3D MOD APK
Racing Smash 3D MOD APK

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About racing smash 3D mod apk:

The makers had not done anything special to catch the gaming community’s attention towards this hacked version. Right after the release, it became a massive success among gamers. Also, the gamers start to prefer playing the hacked one over the original one because this version has much to offer gamers compared to the actual one.

 Additionally, all the unlocked premium features are the key to this version. As usually, players never find premium features unlocked; that was another reason they found this version more addictive. 

Once you play this version and surely you won’t go for another one, because the graphics and sound are also something that can impress you within seconds. Racing smash 3d download apk and experience the most exotic gameplay.


In other motorcycle racing games, you have to take the challenge and just come at first, but in this game, you can hit the opponents with different equipment and tools. However, you’re not here to come on number one, but also, you can enjoy your ride most entertainingly by hitting other players and making them fall. 

It already sounds so much fun. That was the reason why it had been downloaded by millions of gamers yet. Also, the downloading rates aren’t stopping even if it’s increasing with time daily. It takes over all the games who loves to ride on a motorcycle. The vast gaming community preferred to play this one over any other version.

Racing Smash 3D MOD APK
Racing Smash 3D MOD APK

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What’s new?

Bugs fixing was the central issue of the basic version, and no matter how good the game is, no one will risk their devices if they found any errors and bugs once. So, makers designed the hacked version in a very secure and safest way so that it won’t cause any such issue to the devices. Additionally, they improved the quality of the game as well. 

They worked hard on graphics quality, audio sound, gameplay, and everything. They developed it by using all the new techs. Even the new features will also be available to entertain you on another level. Apart from it, you’ll see more in the game’s shop to make your game more exciting and adventurous. 

Mod features:

  • Unlimited money, gems, and diamonds:

What else do players need to do that made their game super excited? Well, they need everything available in the game’s shop. Also, another version will ask you to pay a handsome amount for each stuff and object you buy from the game’s shop. Meanwhile, racing smash 3d mod apk unlimited money and diamond offers you.

You’ll have to pay money but not from your pocket anymore. Racing smash 3d mod apk (unlimited money and gems download) saves your money. Another best thing is to get access to unlimited diamonds and money, and it’ll never finish even after using it a hundred times.

  • Unlocked everything:

As you already know, almost every game shop has everything that could be helpful for gamers in so many ways, especially in any racing game. But mostly, all the stuff available is locked, and players can’t get access to them quickly. They always have to put something on the table to unlock them.

 But racing smash 3d mod apk unlocked everything provided from the game’s shop. The various unique bikes to premium features and other equipment are unlocked and available. So, if you want to get access to all the stuff from the game shop, download racing smash 3d mod apk 1.0 20 and get everything unlocked and accessible. 

  • Graphics:

Players can completely engage with the animated and exciting gameplay. Also, the incredible visual effects and graphics will immerse you in the fantastic and hilarious rides. Animation is already the talk of the town, and what if you get perfect animation in a bike racing game. Animation of racing smash 3d is no less famous animated movie or show. It’ll provide you with the same quality animated graphics as any worth-watching animated series. 

  • Music and sound:

Experience the most powerful sound and music. All the motorcycle’s engines will sound the same way it sounds in real. Even the background music is on point. So, each scenario will have sound accordingly. 

The background music matches with the tracks and situations, which will keep players hooked to the gameplay. While listening to such sounds, your rides will become super exciting and enjoyable. However, the blend of graphics and music sound builds the game’s perfect combination.

Racing Smash 3D MOD APK
Racing Smash 3D MOD APK

Other features:

  • Exciting rides against opponents:

You may ride a bike, but your opponents can have any vehicle such as a bike, car, truck, taxis, anything. Also, you can enjoy playing against your opponents. Each opponent will play amazingly. Each will have powerful motors and unique mechanics. So could you not take them? Lightly. But you can make them fall by using the equipment you’ll get in the game. You can hit any vehicle that comes in your way, including airplanes.

  • Multiple equipment and weapons:

You’re allowed to hit your opponents with equipment and weapons. You can use all the equipment and guns for having fun taking down your opponents. No matter even if they are riding airplanes. You can use bullets as well to take them down if needed. Giant blades will help you to make anyone’s fall who’ll come in your way.

 Also, you’ll get more weapons and equipment in the game. The more you’ll go further, the more you’ll get the equipment.

  • Prizes and boosters:

The more you go further, the more you’ll gain in the game. So, the game will reward you along the way. You’ll get lots of boosters and prizes to collect. Additionally, all the tips and supporters will have something different or any good unlocked stuff for you. All the rewards contain fantastic things for you to avail yourself and enjoy.

  • Easy and accessible gameplay:

Players won’t get any trouble playing the racing smash 3D game. Players can control their rides by moving them right to the left. For moving forward, players don’t have to do anything. As the match automatically regulates it. 

You only have to focus on overcoming and avoiding obstacles and lots. Just take your target off the track by hitting them and enjoy your ride on the bike or any other objects.

  • Unique tracks:

Get the exciting gameplay along with a variety of unique tracks. Each track offers different environmental setups, backgrounds, and visual effects. Also, enjoy the diverse gameplay that’s hardly available in any other game.


Android users can enjoy the most convenient gameplay with smashing and hitting stuff. Feel free to join the exciting rides and take down your enemies by punching and shooting them through equipment and weapons, escalating challenges from exciting gameplay. Dress in the most relaxed way you like the most. 

This gameplay has already impressed millions of android users. So, what are you waiting for till now? Go and avail the most relaxing gameplay.

Download guide:

  1. Make sure to delete the previous version.
  2. Enable “unknown sources” from setting>security.
  3. Download apk file. You can download apk files without internet access. 
  4. Then install the file and wait to complete the procedure.
  5. After completely installing it on your device, open the downloaded mode file and enjoy everything unlimited free of cost.


  • What makes this raving game so unique among all? 

In other racing games, players have to ride a bike, car, or any other vehicle with full acceleration to come on number one. But in racing smash, it’s different. Players can hit and punch their opponents. Also, their opponents can be on any vehicle, such as bikes, cars, trucks, airplanes, anything. Players can beat any of them.

  • What version should we choose to play?

You should play the most current version, which is 1.08.

  • What is the size of this racing smash game app?

The size of this epic game app is around 62MB.

  • Can we download the apk file of this game offline?

Yes, you don’t need access to an internet connection. You can download the apk file offline.


You can get the whole package with all the offers in racing smash 3d mod apk if you’re keen on playing an epic racing game with an incredible gameplay. Also, the game has so much fun to offer you that it can help you get over your boredom and fill some amusement in your life.

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