Rival Stars Horse Racing Mod Apk Latest 2022, Unlimited Money, Stars


PikPok published the original version in June 2020. Meanwhile, the rival stars horse racing mod apk comes later being a hacked modified version. Also, it’s pretty different from other racing games because it’s a racing game of horses instead of vehicles. However, it was different, so it quickly caught the attention of the whole gaming community, and it got famous right after it was released.

 If you’re keen on horse riding, but couldn’t get a chance yet, then you can do for this game. As it’s not real, it can still fulfill your little desire through realistic gameplay. Additionally, it has lots of epic features, premium features that may cost a handsome amount from the gamers who want to play it. So, that’s why makers brought a hacked version, so everyone plays and enjoys this incredible gameplay in better ways.

About Stars horse racing mod apk:

This hacked version was released after the success of the original version. Still, it gets a massive response from the whole gaming community. It’s based on horse racing, so you’re going to enjoy this incredible gameplay while participating in the races, playing against other opponents, and level up after winning. 

Also, you can buy horse breeds as well. Additionally, getting yourself engaged with the gameplay is very interesting because the gameplay is thunder and thrilling. Rivals stars horse racing to download and enjoy the racing with many horses’ different horses. You’ll have complete control of whatever horse you’ll choose for the racing competition. 

Moreover, you can earn glory in the game if you enjoy making split decisions. Additionally, every race moment’s intense and immersive commentary will make it look more realistic.


Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing

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All the horses in rival stars horse racing apk + mod got the realistic feature, and their movement will be so on point, just like real-life horses. Also, this horse racing game is currently conquering the gaming community. Around 10 million downloading has been done and still counting. 

This game is full of thrills, so it’ll keep you entertained to the next level.

 Also, the players who have been playing this game from the beginning have shared the reviews regarding gameplay, and all the reviews are positive. So, don’t waste any more time and rival stars horse racing download pc if you want to play it on a bit more significant screen and enjoy.

What’s new?

Well, if makers already have decided to bring a hacked modified version, they decided to develop it in a more advanced way to increase the game and add more charm to the gameplay. That’s because they create more epic features to the gameplay so the gamers can avail themselves more of the game. 

Also, compare it with the original version, and you’ll get more features in this hacked version. Additionally, all the parts are according to the advanced era and the demand of young gamers. Moreover, gameplay and the game itself are fully secured and safe.

Mod features:

  • Unlimited money and gold:

Money has become an essential requirement for any game. Almost every game has a shop that provides all the stuff related to the game that helps players play in a better way, and for that reason, players have to spend the real money. But rival stars horse racing mod apk (unlimited money and gold) you’ll get right after you enter in horse racing game.

 Also, rival stars horse racing apk (unlimited money) is available in an unlimited quantity, so you don’t have to worry about it while shopping. Moreover, rival stars horse racing mod apk (unlimited gold) will be as helpful as the money.

  • Graphics:

Thanks to the developers of this game for bringing 3D graphics and making the simulation gameplay super realistic and unique. Also, players can see all deep, detailed animation because of the quality graphics. Even the features of horses are super clear and enhanced. Rival stars horse racing apk android version can have as well.

 So, if you have an android device, you can experiment with the most impressive animated 3D graphics. Moreover, you can see the primary difference between the horses, and it couldn’t be possible without quality graphics.

  • Sound:

Get yourself ready to engage with the incredible immersive sound and outstanding audio elements. Also, Android users can have all the fun in this gameplay. The sound is so realistic and will seem like a real horse competition. While any racing competition, the commentary will be according to every scene and situation, and it’ll sound real. 

Even you can hear the breathing of horses while running. Moreover, the sound from the crowd will be as accurate as in any real-life horse racing competition.

  • Unlimited everything:

As you know, the primary purpose of a modified version is to provide gamers with all the mod features along with premium features. So, they provide everything in unlimited quantity. So is rival stars horse racing mod apk (unlimited everything) from money to gold and horse to races everything you’ll have in the total amount? Additionally, no matter how many times you use that, nothing will get over.

  • Free to play:

The best thing about this hacked version is that gamers can have everything, including games downloading free of cost. Not unlike any other game nor like the original version. Players will get all the modified features. Even the premium features are free of charge. Also, they’ll get everything not in just unlimited quantity but also in free. Moreover, downloading is also free of cost.

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Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing

Other features:

  • Various events:

You’re not just going to play simple horse racing matches. The game will have lots of events based on big matches. Also, you’ll have all the chances to participate in the competition, and if you succeed in winning in such circumstances, you’ll get rewards as well. Additionally, just like you, all the players who participate in such events will try so hard to win.

So, you make sure that you play well. Moreover, rival stars horse racing new updates you’ll keep getting from time to time.

  • Challenges and multiple stages:

To all those who like to take challenges and love to overcome hardships, this feature is what you’re looking for it. Players will have multiple stages in the match, going through various challenges. Now it’s up to the player to overcome the challenges and go further in the game. The more players overcome the obstacles, the more stages they’ll have to pay additionally. 

  • Upgrade homestead:

They added earning money by participating in small racing competitions to make the gameplay more enjoyable. Players can also restore the homestead to the former of its glory. Players will have a chance to unlock the buildings to train their facilities. Also, another building is available for in your homestead.

  • Daily rewards:

Being a player will provide you with daily rewards in this epic gameplay. Also, you can engage yourself with the gameplay and claim your daily bonus free of cost. Additionally, if you pick your daily tips, you’ll get any other ample compensation weekly. All these rewards will be helpful somehow in the gameplay to get you on the top of the game’s leaderboard.


This gameplay doesn’t need any introduction. It’s full of all the stuff that makes it super realistic. Even the various events sound exciting where players can show their horse-riding skills. Also, they will have full command of their selective horse. Players can move horses anywhere. 

They have to touch on the desired side. Moreover, the daily and weekly rewards will help players play better. Although the gameplay is super exciting now, it’s up to you how to engage with it. Moreover, you can train your horses and rent a coach to rework your horses if needed.

Rival Stars Horse Racing
Rival Stars Horse Racing

Download guide:

  1. You’ll see the link to this game at the end of the article; click on it.
  2. Then install the Apk file on your android device.
  3. Enable “unknown sources” if you didn’t want any fuss while installing the third-party game app.
  4. Make sure you have a good internet connection so that it’ll complete downloading within a few minutes.
  5. Enjoy the epic horse ride game.


  • What’s the main new feature in this mod apk hacked version?

You’ll get to enjoy lots of new features such as training horses, completing story goals, breeding, racing, and many more.

  • What is the newest version available of the horse ride game?

The newest version of this horse ride game is 1.28.1.

  • What’s the size of this game file, and how much space does its need?

The size of this game file is 70MB, and it requires around 4.5 on android devices.

  • Is this available for free for everyone?

Yes, it’s free for everyone from all around the world.


There’s no other better game for horse racing rather than rival stars horse racing mod apk. Once you download it and you’ll never regret your decision. Also, everything is super incredible in the game, especially the storyline and the gameplay. Enjoy the game and share it with others as well.

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